Only 5% of People who Teach Business Coaching Actually have Successful Practices.

Get trained by a successful practicing Coach and start signing clients so you can have a highly-profitable career coaching CEOs and making 6-7 figures

We don’t teach you how to build a coaching practice, we teach you how to build a Coaching Business. Most people will teach you how to be a good coach… at best. We realized early on that there were 3 pillars of a good business coach. You need to be…

1. Good at coaching your clients
2. Good at running your coaching business
3. Good at finding “High Paying” clients

I’m sure if you took a minute to grade yourself on these, you’d find a gap in your skills. By classifying your skills into these 3 pillars, we make it easy to improve yourself using the 
High-End Business Coach Academy… fast.

The Business Coach’s Playbook

Training in the Techniques of Transformational Business Coaching

The Client Attraction Playbook

Master the Art of Attracting your IDEAL Clients

The Business Owner’s Playbook

The Tools and Building Blocks of Transforming a Business
Today’s BIG Problem in the Coaching Industry is: 90% of Coaches are not making a decent living, and not a single person is eager to address it. We understand that you have a passion to make a difference for others or you wouldn’t be reading this. We'll help you develop that passion and make a difference in the business community.

The High-End Business Coach Academy will turn you into an in-demand Coach who is worthy of making $500 to $1000 PER HOUR…
You deserve it.

Take a look at everything the 3 Playbooks in
have to offer…

The Business Coach’s Playbook

A $397 Value

How Business Coaching Works

  • The Definition of Business Coaching
  • The 7 Critical Success Factors of Extraordinary Coaching
  • Why Business Owners Hire Business Coaches
  • The 4 Levels of Coachability

Business Coaching Distinctions

  • The Backbone of Effective Coaching
  • “Our Story”: Overcoming Excuses
  • The Power of Accountability
  • “What’s Working, Not Working, What’s Missing, and What’s Next?”
  • “The Great Human Compromise”
  • Engagement Conversations: How to Communicate with High-End Clients
  • The Power Behind Commitment
  • Creating Powerful Intentions and Outcomes
  • Predictable vs. Invented Futures
  • The “Calling Out” Exercise: The Art of Giving Feedback

Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Understanding Mission Statements, Vision Statements, Core Values, and MORE
  • The Power of Using Authentic Mission Statements & Company Commitments
  • Developing a Strong Business Plan & Developing a Culture of Accountability
  • Helping Your Clients Develop a Successful Plan of Action

The 4 Phases of Business Coaching

  • Intro to the Business Coaching Phases
  • Phase 1: Planning & Assessment Phase
  • Phase 2: Interviewing Key Employees Transforming an Organization and using "The Company Survey"
  • Phase 3: The Implementation Phase
  • Phase 4: Maintenance & Measurement Phase
  • Extraordinary vs. Ordinary Coaching

You’ll Also Learn How To

  • Upscale your Coaching business in weeks not months
  • Leverage our 34 years of training and certifying Coaches in business
  • Do what you love without sacrificing your life’s purpose
  • Get insider wisdom on how to build a coaching business without limits
  • Access a Reading list of top books to assign your Clients
  • Utilize our outline of the first six months of a coach-client relationship 

The Business Owner’s Playbook

A $397 Value

Your Roadmap to Transformation

  • Albert Einstein's Domains of Knowledge
  • Empowering Questions About Your Business
  • 7 Critical Success Factors

The Secret of Commitment

  • Are you being Ordinary or Extraordinary?
  • Defining Your Core Values
  • Our Likely "Story" & Overcoming Excuses

Strategic Planning

  • Business Plan Outline
  • Mission Statements, Vision Statements, & Company Commitments
  • Creating Empowering Job Descriptions

Keeping Score

  • Develop a Culture of Accountability & How to Know You're "Winning in Business"
  • Keys to Financial Success
  • Break Even Analysis & Profit & Loss Statements

Your Leadership

  • Characteristics of a Quality Leader
  • Leading with Control vs. Leading with Empowerment
  • Must-Read Books for the Extraordinary Business Leader

Hiring Top Performers

  • How to Write a Job Posting
  • Phone Interview Pre-Screening Questions
  • Job Interview Outline
  • Sample Performance Evaluation

Transforming Your Team

  • Developing Extraordinary Employees
  • Defining a Winning Team in Business
  • Team Building Tools

Transforming Your Work Culture

  • Business Communication
  • How to Resolve Reoccurring Employee Issues
  • How to Survey Your Employees

Sales Success

  • How to Get New Clients
  • The 5 Rules of Sales
  • The 5-Step Close

Your Customer Service

  • The Most Important Aspects of Excellent Customer Service
  • Why Most Customers Leave Your Business
  • Unforgettable Customer Service

The Client Attraction Playbook

A $397 Value

Attracting Your Ideal Client

  • Attract, Enroll, & Transform
  • The Definition of Business Coaching
  • How to Attract Your Ideal Client
  • Where to Find Potential Clients
  • Creating a Professional Bio

Becoming Irresistible

  • The First Meeting: The Demonstration
  • The Second Meeting & How to Follow-Up Effectively
  • How to Respond to the Top Objections to Business Coaching

Closing the Deal

  • Client Agreement Contract
  • Powerful Ground Rules for Coaching

Helpful Handouts

  • Printable Graphics for You and Your Clients

You’ll Also Learn How To

  • Use our Marketing Plan to attract your dream clients
  • Determine the most profitable Niche for you 
  • Charge clients what you’re worth & be confident that they're loving you for it 
  • Give yourself an annual pay bonus 

And that’s not ALL…YOU also get our FREE Bonus Package which includes

  • A One-on-One Coaching Call with Coach Gary Henson
    ($1500+ Value)
  • 100 Quotes to Inspire, Motivate, & Transform Leaders
    ($75 Value)
  • 5 Playbooks
    ($1000+ Value)
  • Your First 6 Months Working with a Client Outline
    ($300 Value)
  • 10 Best Ways to Make MONEY as a Coach
    ($50 Value)
  • Top Reasons to Hire a Business Coach
    ($40 Value)
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Soon you’ll be professionally coaching business owners and they’ll gladly pay you top dollar to help them transform their companies.  Plus, you’ll be serving the local community by strengthening the backbone of our society–the businesses that serve and service our communities.

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What makes BUSINESSCOACH.COM different?

The Other Guys

  • Coaching industry entry level standard  (not specified for business coaching)
  • Broad, surface level, and basic training on the concepts of coaching
  • Does not talk about transformation
  • No in-depth training on attracting and signing clients, leaves coaches to fend for themselves
  • Large organization where coaches aren’t supported
  • Does not provide a strong community presence
  • Leaves you to learn by you own experience


  • Niche Focused for Certifying Business Coaches
  • Step-by-step training that dives deep into every topic
  • Prioritizes transformation into—through thoughts and actions—the ULTIMATE Coach
  • Devoted to training Coaches in the art of attracting and signing clients
  • Smaller organization providing one-on-one high-quality support to every coach
  • Provides a community of Coaches with an Outside Objective Perspective to help you thrive
  • Offers new material to you quarterly
  • Wants to turn you into the best Coach you can be!

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