This Tip from Albert Einstein Could Be the Answer to Your Business’s Success

The late Albert Einstein was known to be one of the world’s most brilliant minds.

He dedicated his life to understanding the mysteries of the universe and offered so much knowledge to the world that we are still unpacking today.

But, what if I told you that one of his most thought-provoking theories related directly to Business Coaching?

See, Einstein had this theory about the Domains of Knowledge which he discussed makes up 100 percent of all knowledge. He offered three domains: what we know, what we don’t know, and what we don’t know that we don’t know.

Let’s break them down!

1. What We Know

This domain is very simple to comprehend. It is all the information that you know and it makes up 15 percent of all knowledge. This includes how to drive a car, brush your teeth, and even talk. Basically, think of anything you know how to do without thinking about it, and it fits in this category.

How does this apply to you? Great question! This category is everything you know about your company from who your customers are to what you will provide for them. This is the information and skill-set that you thrive on.

This leads us to…

2. What We Don’t Know  

This is also an easy domain to grasp. Here you’ll find all the information that you don’t know which makes up another 15 percent of all knowledge. Simply put, think of what you don’t know how to do, and this will vary for each person. For some, this would include brain surgery, rocket science, and even juggling.

As the leader of your company, it’s pretty clear what this category entails…everything you know that you’re struggling with. Whether it’s keeping the books balanced or defining clear roles within the firm, these things that you know that you don’t know stick out like a sore thumb.

And as Business Coaches, it is our job to understand how to address your pain points within your company. Coaches specialize in helping you address the problem through means of accountability. Coaches cannot fix the problem that you refuse to fix yourself.

3. What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know

Now, I know that this part sounds really confusing but I promise it’s easier to comprehend than you might think. Einstein concluded that this area—which makes up 70 percent of all knowledge—lies within the unknown. Can you think of something that you don’t know, that you don’t know? It’s harder than you think because there is so much that lies outside of our awareness. You would actually need someone to ask you for you to think of it, that’s how little you know about this domain. This leads to the role of the Business Coach.

The Business Coach’s job is to speak truth into your life and show you what you can’t see. Now, the truth is that you can’t see all the issues with the bigger picture because you don’t know where to look. That’s what Einstein meant about this domain. You don’t know that you don’t know it because you aren’t looking for it in the first place.

When we’re able to help you see the missing piece of the puzzle, this is called a Breakthrough. Coaching is all about breakthroughs because they’re where the real growth comes from. When that moment hits and everything clicks for you, we know something big just happened. Something that’s changed your life forever and that’s a job well done.

The Key Takeaway

So, here’s the last thought to wrap it up. If you’re hitting a wall and you don’t know where to turn, start trying to figure out what is missing in your knowledge bank. When you hit that third domain and get a breakthrough, I promise you’ll get addicted to the transformation that it brings.

Finding that breakthrough moment is the secret to your success. It is amazing how much we owe our success to old Albert Einstein himself.

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