The 3 Best Sources for Any Business Coach to Acquire Clients

So, you’ve just finished working with your client and you saw some amazing transformations happen in their business. You’ve helped them accomplish their goals, you’re paid, and everyone is happy. But you don’t have another client lined up…

We’ve all been here before, struggling to find our next client and frustrated because everyone seems so out of reach. You just can’t find your next opportunity.

What do you do next? Where can you find your next Coaching client?

Now, you should never throw up your hands and give in to your frustration, there’s another way!

I want to share with you the 3 best sources for you to acquire clients when you hit this tough spot. Here they are!

1. Friends and Family

Yes, this time of need is just like any other where you can rely on your loved ones to step up and help you through this challenge. Both your friends and family can be a great source to refer you to someone they know that is looking for help in their company. They can help you establish a point of contact with your next client and can be your best word-of-mouth advertisers.

2. Social Contacts

Social contacts such as your local church group, community association, activity leagues, or clubs are one of the best resources you can use to boost your Coaching Business. You can take it to the next level by getting involved and establishing relationships with local people in your community who own businesses or can help you seek out new relationships with business owners they know.

By building your social network,  your possibilities are endless.  

3. Professional Contacts

Finally, the last source of new clientele I strongly recommend getting involved with is your professional contacts. This means anyone who you deal with professionally on a regular basis. Does your mechanic need some help learning how to balance the books? Can your dentist use some assistance developing a strong leadership role for their team? Does your child’s teacher have a family member who needs help in their company? Do your current clients have other CEO friends that need the results you can bring? These are all great routes you can take to grow your Coaching Business.

Try speaking to your professional contacts about their Coaching needs. Ask them about people they might know who need help and if you can leave some business cards with them. This way you’re doing your due diligence to make sure you reach your next client.

Key Takeaway

As a Business Coach, you have an endless number of opportunities to transform lives. Make sure you’re being proactive in finding your next client so that you can make their transformation a reality. Personal, social, and professional contacts are your greatest tools that you can leverage to attract new clients… so use them! And most of all, believe in your ability to Coach greatness out of anyone.

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